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AUTOHELLAS HERTZ: Total turnover of €173mill. with €13.4mill. earnings after tax

Consolidated turnover reached €172.7mill in 2011 from €169.8mill in 2010’s full year results.

Travelport Launches Travelport Smartpoint AppT

Innovative technology optimizes travel agency capabilities

New partnership enhances FastBooking hotels’ visibility among travel agents via recently...

FastBooking hotels are displayed and bookable via Travelport Rooms and More™, a key part of Travelport’s ongoing drive to enhance its hospitality offering to travel agents worldwide.

Lufthansa with Greek cuisine on board!

The aroma of Greek cuisine will render Lufthansa flights during the next months a culinary highlight for passengers travelling from Athens to Germany. The...

Folli Follie Group and Fosun International signed a Memorandum of Agreement...

Folli Follie Group and Fosun International announced in a joint Press Conference their global strategic partnership Folli Follie Group, the Greek retail group with...

Hertz To Go Solar; The Company Will Install 16 Solar Power...

Car rental companies have spent the past several months trying to one-up each other when it comes to environmental initiatives, and now Hertz just announced that it plans to install solar power systems at 16 of its car rental facilities by this fall, with the intention of eventually expanding further.

Η MTS στις Strongest Companies in Greece

Η MTS εντάχθηκε στις Strongest Companies in Greece, ως μία από τις πιο ισχυρές εταιρείες στην Ελλάδα, μετά από την αξιολόγηση από την ICAP Group με Rating Score. H διάκριση αυτή διευκολύνει σημαντικά τις συναλλαγές της εταιρείας εντός και εκτός Ελλάδας δεδομένου ότι την κατατάσσει στην ομάδα εταιρειών με πολύ χαμηλό πιστωτικό κίνδυνο.
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