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The NJV Athens Plaza has completed the renovation of its 33 Classic Business Rooms

The NJV Athens Plaza has completed the renovation of its 33 Classic Business Rooms

The newly renovated Classic Business Rooms are the ideal choice for business and leisure travelers. The project was designed by Airtec and implemented by Diolkos Development.

Offering even more comfortable overnight stays with 33 new, fully renovated rooms, the NJV Athens Plaza attracts business and leisure travelers to stay at a hotel that meets all their needs. The room renovations were completed at the end of March 2024, according to the hotel’s initial announcement.

“Our focus is always on meeting the needs of the modern traveler, whether it’s for business or family vacations. We aim to provide a more comfortable stay in a refined atmosphere!” said General Manager Vana Lazarakou, adding, “With the completion of this wonderful renovation of the 33 Classic Business rooms, I want to assure all our distinguished guests, both returning and future, that we will continue to achieve new goals.”

The cost of the project amounts to 2.5 million euros.

Project Design: AirTec

As part of the gradual renovation and upgrade of the NJV Athens Plaza, the construction company AirTec has studied and supervised the complete renovation of a total of 33 rooms, transforming them into a modern, welcoming space for luxurious living with fully updated facilities. With the goal of maintaining the timeless and classic character of the hotel, the interventions were made in such a way that modern elements were introduced, ensuring that guests always feel welcome.

In addition to the comforts offered by the rooms and suites, their elegant design enhances the warm and refined atmosphere of the spaces. The soft, earthy tones of the oak paneling, wallpapers, walls painted in bright colors, and the warm shades of the wooden floors, a timeless and eco-friendly material, create a sense of tranquility and luxury. At the same time, the bathrooms feature impressive marble finishes, emphasizing the cleanliness of the space and creating harmonious contrasts with color variations between light and dark shades.

The new rooms are equipped with modern technological and audiovisual equipment, a fully automated and controllable lighting system, new technology aluminum frames with thermal break and energy-efficient glass, and excellent air conditioning, providing well-being and comfort in the space.

Airtec has paid particular attention to ensuring that the architectural design and decoration of the rooms are in harmony with the suites, the presidential suite, as well as the common reception areas, lobby, cafe, restaurant, and meeting rooms. All these areas have been studied, decorated, and constructed by Airtec, following simple geometric lines that convey a sense of understated luxury with meticulous details and modern elements.

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Project Implementation: Diolkos Development IKE

Diolkos Development IKE is pleased to announce the successful completion of the renovation project at NJV Athens Plaza, emphasizing technical excellence and the application of technological innovations. By strictly adhering to the schedule and being dedicated to quality, an impressive upgrade was achieved in 33 rooms of the hotel, enhancing the luxurious stay for guests.

The renovated rooms feature modern amenities, refined decoration, and carefully selected details, offering guests an exceptionally pleasant space for relaxation and renewal.

The renovation focused on the aesthetic, energy, and technological upgrade of the rooms. The main room area was stripped of all unnecessary decorative elements and redesigned with simplicity in mind, giving a sense of quiet luxury and intimacy. Natural materials were used, with the old carpet being replaced by oak flooring, walls adorned with oak paneling, wallpaper in earthy colors, and fabric elements creating a harmonious blend of hard and soft surfaces.

The bathrooms were completely rebuilt, with the removal of the old plumbing system and replacement with a new, modern installation that enhances room comfort with the use of soundproof pipes and allows easy maintenance. The new central water supply network installation permits individual room and supply cut-offs.

The installation of the KNX automation system forms the core of the technological upgrade. Through this advanced system, guest comfort was immediately increased, providing a personalized and luxurious accommodation environment. The system, designed by our company, integrates various functions such as automatic control of lighting, air conditioning, and central room management. Welcome scenarios, master off, and absence from the room were programmed and implemented.

One of the key functions of the KNX system is the automation of lighting and air conditioning, allowing the hotel to offer a personalized environment for each guest. Upon arrival, the lighting automatically activates in suitable areas of the room, creating a welcoming atmosphere. At the same time, the air conditioning is set to the ideal temperature for a comfortable stay, with guests able to adjust these settings according to their preferences.

In addition to enhancing guest comfort, the KNX system automates and digitizes management and monitoring processes. This means that staff can control and adjust building functions from anywhere using special applications or online platforms. This flexibility facilitates hotel management and allows immediate response to any needs or changes. Hotel staff can provide more personalized services, such as preparing the room before the guest’s arrival or monitoring functions like “make my room” and “do not disturb” according to each guest’s preferences.

The successful completion of this project is undeniable proof of Diolkos Development IKE’s craftsmanship and commitment to providing high-quality construction services.

NJV Athens Plaza 33 renovated Classic Business Rooms by Diolkos Development

About NJV Athens Plaza:

NJV Athens Plaza, a member of Preferred Hotels and Resorts, is located in the center of Athens on the historic Syntagma Square and has been offering high-level hospitality services since 1980. With a brilliant history of over 40 years, NJV Athens Plaza welcomes guests from all over the world, providing unparalleled hospitality and services in modern rooms and suites. It features 159 rooms and 21 elegant suites, decorated with particular finesse and high-quality amenities. The meeting and event spaces are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and can accommodate all types of events such as conferences and business meals. It is close to the metro, trams, buses, and trolleys.

Start your day by enjoying the rich breakfast buffet at The Parliament Restaurant. After a long and busy day exploring the wider area, the Explorer’s Bar Bistro offers an unforgettable culinary experience with authentic Mediterranean flavors from its a la carte menu, along with excellent wines, wonderful desserts, and cocktails. When you want to meet friends or enjoy the city’s vibrancy, visit the Plaza Cafe in the hotel’s lobby. Enjoy excellent desserts, ice creams, wonderful coffee, and a wide selection of food.



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