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CLIA meets Mykonos local authorities to discuss top priorities for sustainable growth and responsible management of cruise tourism

(from left) Nikos Mertzanidis, Vice-President, Ports & Destinations, CLIA, Athanasios Kousathanas-Megas, President, Municipal Port Authority of Mykonos, Maria Deligianni, Regional Director, Eastern Mediterranean, CLIA, Christos Veronis, Mayor of Mykonos

  • Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) meeting with the Mayor of Mykonos and the port authority to discuss priority areas for cooperation.
  • CLIA announces it is conducting study with Oxford Economics on economic impact of cruise tourism on the island

Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), the leading voice of the global cruise community, representing 95% of the industry, confirmed its strong commitment to collaboration with popular cruise destinations regarding the industry’s priorities of sustainable growth and responsible tourism during a CLIA visit to Mykonos.

Representing CLIA, Mrs. Maria Deligianni, Regional Director, Eastern Mediterranean, and Mr. Nikos Mertzanidis, Vice-President, Ports & Destinations, visited the popular Aegean Island and met with the Mayor of Mykonos, Mr. Christos Veronis, the President of the Municipal Port Authority of Mykonos, Mr. Athanasios Kousathanas–Megas and the Head of Technical Dept, Head of Cruise & Deputy Port Facility Security Officer, Mr. Nikolaos Vardalachos.

CLIA representatives acknowledged that Mykonos is a cruise destination of global importance, which has gained even greater popularity in recent years, and focused on the joint actions that are necessary in order to maximise the benefits for the island from cruising and promote sustainable growth.

In this direction, CLIA supported the local efforts to introduce a berth management system in Mykonos, for better distribution of cruise ship arrivals on a daily and weekly basis, according to the capacity of the port and the destination and aiming at an optimal passenger experience. The development of the right port infrastructure, operating environment and sustainable growth is among the five pillars of CLIA’s Action Plan for Greece.

Mr. Veronis and Mr. Megas agreed that cruises are a very important tourism activity for the island and that Mykonos seeks to serve all cruise ships in an optimal way.

Maria Deligianni said: “The cruise industry is proud to cooperate with the Mykonos authorities for the sustainable growth of the cruise sector. Key to this is cooperation careful management to ensure smooth operations at port and destination level, and to protect the guest experience with great respect to the local community.

The economic impact of cruises to the global and Greek economy was also discussed during the meeting, with CLIA announcing that it is conducting a study on the economic impact of cruise tourism and an assessment of the cruise activity in Mykonos, in collaboration with the Oxford Economics research center and the Port of Mykonos. The study will be completed by the end of 2024 and is expected to confirm the significant local economic impact of cruise tourism locally, which nationally supported more than 14,300 jobs and contributed a total of €1.4 billion to the Greek economy in 2022.

Mrs Deligianni said: “Our new study on the local economic impact of cruise tourism, with first-hand information from passengers, crew, businesses and tour operators is vital in understanding the scale of economic impact.”

In the same direction, CLIA informed the local authorities about the steps the industry is taking in the green transition, including development of onshore power solutions, alternative fuels, and several technologies onboard to improve energy efficiency and reuse, recycle and minimize waste.




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