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PPA S.A.:  Simulating the response to an incident involving both a marine and terrestrial pollution at the car management terminal

Once again, this year, PPA S.A. conducted at the Port of Piraeus facilities, specifically in the Ro-Ro Terminal/G2, aim at tackling hypothetical marine and land pollution incidents.

PPA S.A. implements an integral environmental management plan and the regular exercises are carried out as part of a prevention framework aimed at the constant preparation and readiness of the Company to effective handling of similar incidents. It is worth noting that following each exercise, PPA S.A. prepares a dedicated assessment study, documenting any shortcomings and malfunctions, holds a meeting with all involved parties to brainstorm improvement proposals, and ultimately draws conclusive findings, in order to always maintain a high level of operational readiness.

The Chairman of PPA S.A. Yu Zenggang expressed his satisfaction with the successful conclusion of this year’s exercise and extended his gratitude to all participants, assuring that the Company will continue to take all necessary measures to safeguard the environment and ensure readiness for this purpose. As he mentioned, prevention and environmental protection are top priorities of PPA’s strategy for the Port of Piraeus, as they are the main ways to the achievement of the Company’s vision for a green and friendly port with digital applications and secure procedures in all port activities.




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