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Travelling to Sri Lanka

Travelling to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is located in South Asia. It is an island country. Main water bodies that surround the island are the Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Gulf of Mannar. It is one of the most beautiful and visited countries in the region. People and travelers always come here. Even Marco Polo was amazed by the island nature and people there. Over the many centuries, it existed Sri Lanka has always been a place where visitors came to rest and relax. In the past, they were merchants, pirates and travelers, today tourists, writers, researchers and again travelers. It has unique geography and landscape combined with high levels of animal biodiversity. You can find beautiful beaches botanical and zoological gardens and many other tourist attractions.

Sri Lanka is also a place where people migrate and settle for enjoying the everyday commodities and nature. Sports tourism is always on the rise here many athletes, and sports lower choose the island as the perfect place for their activities. Most famous sports are cricket, rugby, golf, surfing, hiking, diving, and many others. Cricket is the island most represented sport.

However, to make the holiday unforgettable you need to choose the right time to visit Sri Lanka. Roughguides.com will tell you about the main features of Sri Lanka.

What is the climate in Sri Lanka?

Besides all the things we said when the best time to travel in Sri Lanka is. You are allowed freely to go whenever you like. However, the overall weather is not something to be taken lightly. Because of the geographical location and several big and small water bodies, there are two seasons of weather changes here. Those are the monsoons, so the climate is tropical and mostly affected by the Indian Ocean. Why this fact is so important when people try to visit, well rainfalls and heavy wind are one of the reasons, you go there to enjoy the sun and visit the sites. Not sit down in your room and watch the rain fall from your window.      

There were two main rainfall patterns, but they’ve changed over the years, because of global warming. So no matter when you decide to come, have in these guidelines in mind. The west and southwest coasts are affected by the “Yala” monsoon that is affecting the region from months April and May till September. The wettest months are from April to June. The other one called “Maha” monsoon is affecting the east coast of the island. From months November to March as before the wettest are from November to December. For last there is a period called inter-monsoonal, that occurs in months October and November. Heavy rains and thunderstorms are occurring every ware on the island during this period. This is enough information to see the importance of weather seasons and changes in Sri Lanka.    

Thankfully all is not as bad as described. Because Sri Lanka Is located so close to the Equator, the temperatures are more stable and constant during the year. Now the temperature varied from region to region but compared with the monsoon its nothing terrible. The areas in the coastal and lowland regions have recorded temperatures from 26 – 30oC. Only in the hottest days they go as high as 30o C. In the city of Kandy temperatures go from 18 – 22oC thanks to the Knuckles and Hanthana mountain ranges and the town higher sea level. Nuwara Eliya is located in the upper parts of the island. Thanks to this temperature are more pleasant and go from 14 – 17oC. The higher you go, the colder it gets so if you want to enjoy the chilly nights, high hills are for you. As said before there is even a place for those who wish to hotter places and beaches to enjoy. Notable mentioning deserves the humidity that varies from 60% – 90% across the island territory.      

Where to go in Sri Lanka?

The question remains when to visit Sri Lanka or what to wear or how. At the end depends on your will and accommodates you prefer better. However, from what we said west and south coasts are best to be visited from months December to March. East coast is best from months April/May to September. Don’t mind the weather that much. Sri Lanka is the perfect spot to visit. With such a vast natural and cultural heritage, it offers some many options for a visitor to enjoy. A lot of museums and theatres can found, also festivals and artists who are performing amazing traditional dances. Sri Lanka has delicious cuisine that has been influenced by many factors. So knowing all this you must choose the island as your next destination to visit.


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