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The Regional Governor – operators: Malia turns over a new leaf with 5-star quality tourism.

Regionals are collaborating with operators and private individuals for quality tourism in Crete.  It applauds all business activities which have to do with upgrading the island’s tourism. This was mentioned by the Regional Governor, Stavros Arnaoutakis, during the opening of the 5-star hotel “Ammos” in Malia. 

He stated that such quality units significantly upgrade the tourinsm industry of Crete, especially within the sensitive area of Malia.  Mr. Arnaoutakis went on to congratulate the owner, Mr. Costas Kourkoulis, who is also the vice president of the Tourist Agency Association of Crete, and wish him the best of luck in his new business venture.

“We support all investors of all new, modern hotel units and also the upgrading of older ones.  Crete is surely in its bloom.  The new investments and upgrading of hotel units will help in development and also offer many job opportunities on the island.”  The Regional Governor emphasized the fact that the State also has to upgrade its many infrastructures. 

The fact that the State needs to follow suit, was mentioned in the speeches given by the Mayor of Malia, Mr. Nikiforos Lambrinos, the Deputy Mayor Mr. Efthimis Mountrakis, The Chairman of the Tourist Agency Association of Crete, Mr. Mihalis Vlatakis, the Regional President of EOT, Mr. Aris Stratakis, the Chairman of the Pan-Cretan Association of Hotel Managers, Mr. Dimitris Koumbarakis and others.

They all agreed that Malia has certainly turned over a new leaf in quality tourism and congratulated Mr. Costa Kourkouli.

Mr. Alexis Kostalas, a family friend of the Kourkoulis family, made the presentation and co-ordinated the event. Mr. Costas Kourkoulis thanked everyone for attending and for their support.

The 5-star hotel which was completely renovated and upgraded within 5 months, accommodates 160 guests.  Many decades ago, it operated as the Grammatikaki Inn and in later years, it was a 1 and 2-star hotel. 



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