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Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 Crashes On Landing At San Francisco Airport

The pilot of the Asiana Airlines aircraft that went down in San Francisco was in training.
At least two people were killed and 130 injured, many of whom are in serious condition, the crash of the Boeing 777 aircraft South Korean company Asiana Airlines, according to the Chief of the Fire Department of San Francisco, Joanne Hayes-White.

The Chief of the Fire Department of San Francisco also said to reporters that authorities are still in the process of identifying the victims, while some passengers are still missing.

According to the head of the fire, “about 60 people” have not even accounted for counted by the authorities and are considered officially missing.

On the plane flying from Seoul to San Francisco wrere 307 persons, of whom 291 were passengers and 16 crew members.

As announced by the airline, the pilot who was responsible for landing, was in training and was his first flight to an airport with jet of this type.

“It was the maiden flight of Lee Kang-Cook Airport, who was in training. Even a veteran pilot is trained for a new jet », said the representative of Asiana Airlines.

“He has great experience and previously has flown to San Francisco with different types of aircraft, including the Boeing 747, and was a co-pilot on many flights with 777, “said the spokesman.

Lee who started his career in Asiana Airlines as an assistant in 1994, has 9,793 hours flying experience, but only 43 hours a Boeing 777 jet. The co-pilot Lee Min-Geongk has 3,220 hours flying on the Boeing 777 and a total of 12,387 hours of experience, also said the spokesman.



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