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A successful ITB Berlin 2012: More business concluded – Positive signals for continued growth in the travel sector

ITB Berlin 2012Satisfied exhibitors and considerably more trade visitors – Convention attracts over 20 per cent higher attendance – Egypt gains confidence of the international travel industry – ITB Berlin confirms that it is the leading opinion-former on current industry trends – International blogger scene now an established feature of the fair – Some 7,000 journalists accredited from 94 countries

Increased numbers of trade visitors, exhibitors reporting more contracts signed, and an upsurge in attendance at the ITB Berlin Convention: these were among the outstanding features of the 46th ITB Berlin. 113,006 trade visitors (39,7% of them from abroad) came to obtain information about all sectors of the international travel industry from the 10,644 exhibitors from 187 countries. 59,126 people from Berlin and Brandenburg came during the weekend to find out about holiday destinations and new travel offers.

Dr. Christian Göke, Chief Operating Officer of Messe Berlin, drew some very positive conclusions: “Over 2,200 more trade visitors than last year, an outstanding climate for business and the efficient creation of new business contacts at the newly established ITB Buyers Circle all underlined the position of ITB Berlin as a world leader. Considering the current political and economic challenges the topics chosen for the ITB Berlin Convention were certainly the right ones. Experts pointed out strategies for achieving sustainability and for the effective use of smartphone-based technologies. As a consequence ITB Berlin was able to demonstrate why it occupies the leading position as a platform for disseminating knowledge throughout the tourism industry.”

Support for the partner country Egypt

The partner country Egypt was aware of the strong solidarity shown by the international travel industry. Mounir Fahkry Abdel Nour, Egypt’s Minister of Tourism: “ITB was fantastic! I enjoyed every minute of it and met some fascinating and outstanding people. In addition to the support that I received I am very happy that the problems in a political context have not affected the general mood in the slightest, in fact quite the contrary. All our German partners declared their solidarity with us, including the Federal Minister of Economics Philipp Rösler. In personal discussions with Klaus Brähmig, Chairman of the Tourism Committee of the Bundestag, the representatives of the Egyptian parliament and I were able to resolve the confusion that arose as a result of his critical remarks regarding Egypt. It seems to me that ITB Berlin is growing larger all the time, and it is vibrant and more lively than ever. This could be my impression because we are the partner country this year. As a consequence of events taking place around the world the entire travel industry is in transition. This ITB is different from last year’s. I am experiencing a willingness among countries to cooperate and I find this very encouraging.” 

The Egypt hall provided opportunities for visitors to use various social media platforms to find out about the political situation within the country. Facilities were available for linking up with Egyptian internet users, to make use of a real time live stream showing vacation centres and resorts in Egypt, or to exchange views and thoughts with Egyptians via Facebook and Twitter.

ITB Berlin Convention discussed current trends

The ITB Berlin Convention confirmed its appeal and recorded a further increase in attendance. The total of over 17,000 visitors represented a more than 20 per cent increase over the previous year. due in no small part to an extremely topical programme and some prominent speakers. From 7 to 9 March 2012 over 200 distinguished experts and well-known entrepreneurs used the world’s largest tourism convention to illuminate new trends and examples of best practice.

Focus on bloggers and on travel technology

For the first time, on the evening preceding the start of ITB Berlin, a reception was held for bloggers from all over the world. Organised specifically to serve the interests of bloggers, this event attracted over 120 of them from more than 10 countries. The Travel Technology section at ITB Berlin 2012 was larger than ever before, with 236 exhibitors displaying technical innovations in four halls. In Hall 7.1c some well-known companies as well as new start-ups presented their latest apps and innovations for the fields of mobile travel services and social media. Although major advances have been made with applications over the past two years, development work is still in progress, and this is a fascinating topic, not only for travel experts but for the public too. A so-called App Marathon took place on the Saturday at ITB for the first time, providing visitors with an overview of the world of travel apps.

Sustainability – a highly topical subject

An important subject this year was that of sustainability in tourism. The scope covered at ITB Berlin ranged from accessible tourism to human rights, seals of quality, geoparks, the rain forests and the overexploitation of resources. Papers on these subjects were read each day on the stage in Hall 4.1, ECOtourism & Expeditions. At the ITB Berlin Convention various aspects of climate change and sustainable tourism were addressed during the three ITB Destination Days, on the MICE Day and also on the ITB Mobility Day. During the ITB CSR Day the latest trends, such as a seal of sustainability and accessible tourism, were dealt with in papers and panel discussions involving travel providers, universities and colleges, the hotel trade and non-profit organisations. The “1st Day of Barrier-Free Tourism“, under the leadership of the coordinating organisation Nationale Koordinierungsstelle Tourismus für Alle e. V., NatKo, attracted some 300 trade visitors. They discussed the commercial potential of disabled travellers, who are currently responsible for generating sales worth five billion euros for the tourism industry.

Statements about ITB Berlin 2012

Taleb Rifai, Secretary General, UNWTO:

Once again, ITB has proven an unmissable event for the world’s tourism sector and an absolute must for all those looking to boost business and better understand the latest tourism trends, developments and prospects. I particularly welcome the presence of Egypt as the Official Partner Country of ITB and the overwhelming support of the tourism community to this long-standing destination.

Attending ITB one thing is clear: international tourism is one of the most dynamic and exciting economic sectors of our time. All indicators point to the continued growth of tourism in 2012, despite the persistent economic challenges, and ITB has been a fantastic opportunity to come together and see how to best harness this growth for economic well-being, job creation and development worldwide.  

Klaus Laepple, President of the Federal Association of the German Tourism Industry (BTW): “This year’s ITB Berlin was again the platform where the worldwide tourism industry could obtain information, sign contracts, cultivate contacts and identify moods. For five days Berlin’s exhibition halls were the meeting place and the focal point for the international tourism world.

In summing up it can be stated: the mood was extremely positive. The volume of sales concluded here this year is expected to again significantly exceed the six billion euro mark. The highly topical programme of the ITB Convention ensured that all seats were taken in the halls. Moreover the many studies and forecasts that were prepared in connection with the fair offer good grounds for optimism. People, especially in Germany, are still as keen as ever to travel. All the signs are that this will be another good year for the tourism industry. The positive indications mean that we face the next few months with optimism.”

Jürgen Büchy, President of the German Travel Association (DRV): “This year’s ITB Berlin offers some very promising signals. The vast majority of exhibitors and trade visitors are talking of a successful start to the tourism year 2012, a feeling that has been reinforced by the messages coming from the travel trade’s leading fair, and from the business conducted there. The basic mood is a positive one, even though certain sections of the industry and several countries are experiencing a certain reluctance to commit to making bookings. This applies, for example, to the cruise market, and to Greece and Egypt. But one thing is certain: The German travel sector is committed to these countries. A considerable measure of support and a great deal of sympathy, especially for the democratization process in the partner country of ITB, Egypt, are evident in the tourism sector. And in this respect this year’s ITB Berlin gives a positive signal that change is imminent.

 Advance bookings and forecasts for the summer of 2012 give us confidence that, despite the debt crisis in several European countries, Germans will be travelling in even greater numbers than before. Consequently prospects are good that growth in the travel sector in 2012 will again exceed the successes of 2011. The German travel industry is expecting the market to grow by two to three per cent.”

Keen interest shown by the media and politics

A total of 6,975 accredited journalists from 94 countries reported from ITB Berlin. Once again this trade show provided a meeting place for international politicians and diplomats. In addition to the 64 foreign delegations the fair was also attended by Princess Ubolratana Mahidol of Thailand. Meetings took place between 76 ambassadors from all over the world, as well as 43 government ministers and numerous state secretaries from many countries. Philipp Rösler, Federal Minister of Economics and Technology, Dr. Peter Ramsauer, Federal Minister of Transport, Construction and Urban Development, Ilse Aigner, Federal Minister of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection and Dirk Niebel, Federal Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development, as well as the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, came to learn more about the strengths and capabilities of the travel sector.

The next ITB Berlin will take place from Wednesday to Sunday, 6 to 10 March 2013. The official partner country will be Indonesia.


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