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Mitchell Kramer announced as the new Managing Director of Uncle Sam’s Philadelphia Tours

Mitchell Kramer announced as the new Managing Director of Uncle Sam's Philadelphia ToursUncle Sam’s announced that Mitchell Kramer has joined as Managing Director of Uncle Sam’s Philadelphia. Kramer will play a key role in the continued business and product development of historic walking tours of the city. Kramer is an actor, writer and teacher and has written and produced plays for children and adults, as well as historical pieces for the Historic Christ Church Philadelphia and National Museum of American Jewish History. 

“We’re enormously pleased to welcome Mitchell aboard,” said Myron Baer, Chief Operating Officer at Uncle Sam’s  New York. “Mitchell’s experience, and what he brings to the table is a perfect fit for us.” For the past six years, Mitchell Kramer has worked as a costumed historic interpreter and tour guide in Old City Philadelphia and has performed the official July 4th reading of the Declaration of Independence on Independence Mall. Kramer’s business and theatrical acumen will be instrumental in creating new entertaining, powerful and informative tours in Philadelphia.

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As an extension of the New York tours under Uncle Sam’s New York branding, Uncle Sam’s Philadelphia currently runs ‘Trail to Independence’.  This walking tour follows the very same roadways where many fought for independence. Guests experience numerous sites and stories that were a special part of Philadelphia as Washington, Jeff erson, Hancock, Adams, Franklin, Lee, and so many others worked a course to the birth of a new nation. “What differentiates us” says Kramer, “is we bring the stories to life.  Rather than show and tell the buildings with the people as the backdrop, we turn it around and bring the country’s forefathers tales to life and use the building as a sort of stage backdrop to the conversation”.


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