Αρχική Gastronomy SANI GOURMET: 15 Michelin Stars at Sani Resort

SANI GOURMET: 15 Michelin Stars at Sani Resort

Eight leading chefs from around the globe, holding an amazing 15 Michelin stars between them, meet at Sani Resort during 10-14 Μay in a celebration of culinary innovation and flair.

Join them at Sani Gourmet, our renowned annual festival showcasing the world’s best chefs, tastes and cultures.

Continuing the bright gastronomic tradition of Sani Resort, with its hand firmly on the culinary pulse of the globe, Sani Gourmet, now in its 13th year, is hosting eight Michelin-starred chefs.

At a five-star resort that has become a beacon of high dining in the entire Mediterranean, Sani Gourmet brings cultures, flavors and traditions together for five days, under one roof in stunning Halkidiki. Boasting 15 Michelin stars between them, each of these eight ground-breaking chefs is at the peak of their career, enjoying international acclaim and impressive distinctions.

From May 10 to 14, Sani Resort will host an entire constellation of talented epicurean stars, giving food enthusiasts a rare opportunity to enjoy meals prepared by the world’s very best, to marvel at superb champagne and wine pairings and to explore ingredients, inspiration and food culture at large. The culinary pulse of the entire globe will be represented by chefs from the culinary traditions of Europe, US, Asia and Australia.

High gastronomy is one of the pillars of Sani Resort, who promises to make Sani Gourmet 2019 the best one yet, building upon its long, established tradition, making forward-looking chef choices, organizing side events and simply serving stunning food.


10THOMAS BÜHNER: Germany – 3 Michelin Stars



One of only ten German chefs who boast three Michelin Stars, Thomas Bühner has not only been at the top of Germany’s gastronomic scene for more than twenty years – he effectively helped shape it. Thomas Bühner’s first Michelin Star came in 1996, after five years of working as Chef of Dortmund’s La Table restaurant. Not resting on his laurels, he continued to push for excellence, earning his second Michelin Star in 1998 and his third one in 2012. His thoughtful, delicate dishes, which place the ingredients at centre stage and treat them with the utmost respect, have also earned him the title of Grand Chef from Relais & Châteaux, and membership in Les Grandes Tables du Monde, in 2009 and 2010 respectively. This chef’s ethos has most recently manifested itself at the acclaimed La Vie restaurant in Osnabruck.

Opening hours: 10, 11, 12 May | Water Restaurant | Pricing: 130 euros

9STEPHANIE LE QUELLEC: France – 2 Michelin Stars



Having just received her second Michelin Star, Stephanie Le Quellec epitomises the zeitgeist of French gastronomy in 2019. Her food is all about French tradition, grace and passion. Sophisticated but unpretentious, Stephanie La Quellec has won Top Chef France 2011 and received two Michelin stars, for the iconic La Scène in Paris at Prince de Galles hotel. Food critics speak of the “gastronomic revival” of Prince de Galles under her leadership. While its main focus is on the culinary tradition of Southern France, what defines Stephanie’s cooking is a generosity of flavour, an expert eye for the highest quality of ingredients, and an approachability that stems from her discipline and confidence. She describes her food as “effective, seasonal and fun” and explains that it’s important for chefs to know when to step aside and let the ingredients breathe. Stephanie’s two Michelin stars speak volumes about the end result.

Opening hours: 13, 14 May | Water Restaurant | Pricing: 130 euros

8SIMON ROGAN: UK – 2 Michelin Stars

Chef Simon Rogan has been compared to a director expertly shining the spotlight on his protagonists – the highest quality ingredients in the world.

Opening the acclaimed L’Enclume in 2002, he was soon awarded his very first Michelin star, and yet another one in 2013. He also established his own farm to source fresh, seasonal ingredients and seek closer ties with his biggest inspiration, nature.

L’Enclume arguably remains his flagship restaurant, with the addition of the research and development facility Aulis L’Enclume ten years ago. His portfolio includes a total of seven celebrated restaurants, two of which boast an additional Michelin star each.

Utilising vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit grown in his farm, his dishes are sophisticated and bright, avoiding complexity in favour of capturing the essence of gastronomic pleasure.

Opening hours: 10, 11, 12 May | Byblos Caviar Restaurant | Pricing: 130 euros

7MANJUNATH MURAL: Singapore – 1 Michelin Star

As the first chef to score a Michelin star for an Indian restaurant in Southeast Asia, chef Manjunath Mural is no stranger to high gastronomy.

His career started in Bangalore back in 1993, where he set his mind to epicurean perfection. After decades of hard work, Manjunath won a gold medal at the Singapore Gourmet Hunt. He gained wider media recognition through his second-place finish in Channel News Asia’s culinary competition.

Scoring a Michelin Star for his restaurant, The Song of India, for three consecutive years, this chef’s food features Indian staples in updated, elevated dishes that are as accessible as they are tasteful. It’s the epitome of modern Indian cuisine.

Embracing heritage, ancestry, roots and ultimately, the joy of cooking and eating, chef Manjunath Mural will be serving Indian delights reimagined to Sani Gourmet diners at Byblos Caviar restaurant on May 13 and 14.

Opening hours: 13, 14 May | Byblos Caviar Restaurant | Pricing: 130 euros

6RAFA COSTA E SILVA: Brazil – 1 Michelin Star

This Brazilian powerhouse of a chef has studied among the very best and continues enjoying the endorsement of demanding audiences.

From a Michelin star to a prestigious spot on Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants, and Restaurant of the Year by Revista Época, the world of gastronomy can’t seem to get enough of this chef’s creations.

After graduation from the Culinary Institute of America, he managed to work in top restaurants such as Jean Georges and René Pujol. It wasn’t long before his culinary zeal led him to Spain’s two-Michelin restaurant, Mugaritz. Starting there as a stagier in 2007, Rafa managed to climb the ranks all the way to Executive Chef in 2011.

The same year, he returned to Brazil, eager to start his own restaurant. Lasai has found success ever since, thanks to dishes that are local, simple but rich.

Opening hours: 10, 11, 12 May | Katsu Restaurant | Pricing: 130 euros

5TAKAGI KAZUO: Japan – 2 Michelin Stars

Dubbed the pinnacle of Japanese cuisine, “Kyo-ryori” has its roots in the kitchen of the Emperor of Japan, going back at least 700 years. Chef Takagi Kazuo is amongst the most respected names in this tradition, which uses food to tell stories, utilising unique techniques.

His mission to continue this history has earned him two Michelin stars so far. Bringing craftsmanship and harmony to the plate, this chef’s goal is to preserve this refined Kyoto tradition and share it with the world.

Preparation and technique are at the forefront here, with elaborate creations designed to appeal to all the senses, from their jewel-like appearance to their texture and aromas.

Owned and ran by Takagi Kazuo, Takagi restaurant has held two Michelin stars since 2010, while he’s also a consultant chef at Taipei’s Shangri-La Hotel and for Intercontinental’s Japanese menu.

Opening hours: 13, 14 May | Katsu Restaurant | Pricing: 130 euros

4FREDRIK BERSELIUS: USA – 2 Michelin Stars

A true star of the here and the now of the foodie scene, Sweden-born American chef Fredrik Berselius represents the trendy New Nordic style of cooking.

He is the chef-owner of Aska, whose ten tables are among the most sought-after in the entirety of New York. Part of what makes Aska stand out is how the chefs serve the dishes to diners themselves, answering questions, and taking in their reactions.

Chef Berselius is persistent and ambitious. So much so that he closed his previous restaurant despite its success, “to challenge himself”, as he explained. The New Nordic cuisine boom saw gourmet chefs break free from classical French norms, using their techniques, passion and creativity to explore ingredients local to Scandinavian countries and creating a tradition in its own right.

The dishes Fredrik Berselius serves are seasonal, local and oozing with creativity. They can be sampled at Sani Resort’s Fresco restaurant on May 10, 11 and 12, as part of Sani Gourmet.

Opening hours: 10, 11, 12 May | Fresco Restaurant | Pricing: 130 euros

3GREG MALOUF: Australia – 2 Michelin Stars

Greg Malouf is recognised as the foremost authority on Middle Eastern cuisine, but his culinary explorations stretch much further.

Born in Melbourne to Lebanese parents, he trained in France, Italy, Austria and Hong Kong, travelling the world in search of recipes, techniques and inspiration. Working at Melbourne’s MoMo, Dubai’s Zahira, and London’s Michelin-starred Petersham Nurseries Café, he has even received an award in recognition of his contribution to Lebanese culture.

Bringing in western techniques of preparation and cooking, chef Malouf – “the instigator of Middle Eastern cuisine in Australia”, according to Alla Wolf-Tasker – has reinvented traditional recipes, giving birth to “new Middle Eastern cuisine”.

Greg Malouf’s veiled quail has been recognised as the Dish of the Year. The Good Food Guide has awarded him two hats. The reasons behind this international acclaim will be evident in the dishes he will be serving at Sani Gourmet – on May 13 and 14, at Fresco restaurant.

Opening hours: 13, 14 May | Fresco Restaurant | Pricing: 130 euros


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