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The Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE) meets in Naxos for talks on the region

Officials from SETE met once again in Naxos with the region’s business operators to talk about extroversion and the creation of synergies.  This is the 16th meeting held within an 18-month period in the region and the Chairman of the Association, Mr. Yianni Retsos was present. 

 Amongst others who attended, were the Vice-governor of the Southern Cyclades Mr. Yiannis Margaritis, the Mayor of Naxos Mr. Manolis Margaritis and many other officials along with the managing director of Marketing Greece Ms. Ioanna Dretta.

The participants discussed the need to strengthen tourism at a social and financial level within a plan aimed at and based on synergies.  Special emphasis was given to the Agro-nutritional and Cultural fields, both of which can immediately enhance the quality of the travel experience the country offers its visitors.  At the same time, special mention was made to the prospects for further tourist promotion of not only Naxos, but the whole Cyclades group of islands with the assistance of Marketing Greece.    

In relation to the SETE institute (INSETE), its contribution to the competitiveness of tourism enterprises was highlighted by providing the necessary information and tools for the improvement of the services offered.  Special emphasis was made to the infrastructure of Naxos and the Small Cyclades; visited by a great many tourists visiting the country.  The airport of Naxos which is not an international one, noted an increase of 61.3% in arrivals in 2017 compared to the previous year.  The port noted an increase of 18.6% as well. Museums also had an increase of visitors, proving the fact that tourism and culture are interrelated and should thus be given more focus.

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