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Apollo and Ariadne meet at Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso

The Athenian Riviera hotel merges its philosophy with the natural skin care products of Ariadne Athens

With the main objective of enhancing services with products of superior quality, the award-winning Spa of the Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso has collaborated with the Greek company Ariadne Athens for their range of natural skin care products. Wishing to continually evolve the authentic rejuvenating spa and wellness experience of the visitor next to the natural surroundings, Divani Athens Spa & Thalasso Centre is fortifying its therapies by choosing the 99%-100% natural products of Ariadne Athens, inspired by natural Greek products and mythology. The luxury hotel in the southern suburbs and the popular natural skin care brand share the same vision, which stems from a love of nature and the wish to offer specialised therapies that focus on the improvement of physical health, wellness and hence providing a mental boost.

Treatments with the gifts of nature

Visitors to Divani Athens Spa & Thalasso Centre will have the opportunity to enjoy effective treatments which are designed to cover the most important needs of the face and body, with services that combine the know-how of the experienced spa therapists with the potent effects of the natural constituents of the Ariadne Athens skin care range.

With its powerful active ingredients of pearls, wheat protein and orange essence, the Pearl Kiss Facial anti-ageing therapy will bring a freshness and glow to your face which it lacks. The Drops of Nectar Facial with honey, royal jelly and pollen, combined with apricot essence, will grant your skin deep moisturising and nourishment. Vitamin C reinforces collagen and the natural serum with Acmella extract will help to smooth wrinkles, significantly improving the skin’s elasticity.

The revolutionary Lava Waves Treatment to reduce cellulite and fatty areas combines volcanic lava, sea mud and extract of cinnamon which work together to improve problematic areas of the body, while the variety of natural essential oils contribute to the decongestion of the lymphatic system and improved flow. With the Sea of Flames therapy your body will surrender to the heat’s energy which, in combination with massage, brings the required relaxation that your muscles need while the properties of the wax will provide deep moisturising of the skin, removing all stress.

Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso: The absolute definition of a Spa

Just a breath away from the Saronic, Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso is an oasis of luxury in the heart of the Athenian Riviera offering a truly comfortable stay as well as the ultimate relaxation and wellness services. Earning the award as the Best Spa in Europe from the World Travel Awards, the Divani Spa & Thalasso Centre has the largest thalassotherapy pool in Greece, making it a unique spa resort. The comprehensive range of therapies and packages offer the next step in wellness, culminating in the #DivineYou Wellness retreats. Personalised programmes to suit the needs and demands of every guest, state-of-the-art apparatus, a fully equipped gym and special nutrition are just some of the amenities that one may find at the Divani Athens Spa & Thalasso Centre. Ariadne Athens’ natural skin care products based on the natural treasures to be found in Greece come to complement the full range of services offered.

From Ariadne’s thread to the natural skin care range of Ariadne Athens

Making use of nature’s treasures, such as plant serum and essential oils, Ariadne Athens has created a range of products based on its continuous scientific research, providing a natural alternative for the enrichment and protection of the skin of today’s women in accordance with her needs. In line with the philosophy of Ariadne’s string, Ariadne Athens aims at making the lives of every woman easier with products that encourage the natural functioning of the epidermis.

Inspired by the god of the sun, Apollo, who according to legend symbolised spiritual light and internal purity, Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso unites its philosophy with that of Ariadne Athens, where the mythological character of the same name also represented purity, inwardness and the higher human nature. Armed with the gift of nature that the Greek earth offers in abundance, the treatments which were created jointly take on a new life in the hands of the specialised team of the Divani Athens Spa & Thalasso Centre, offering health, beauty and lustre to all those who choose this unique experience.

The Divani Hotel Group

 The Divani Hotel Group is composed of seven hotel units in Greece (Athens, Meteora, Larisa and Corfu) totalling 60 years of a successful presence in the history of Greek hospitality.

Having as a starting point values and ideals emanating from the love for hospitality as well as the unique needs of every visitor, the Divani Hotel Group quickly established itself in the Greek hotel industry. Its pioneering ideas which it continues to introduce into the tourism sector combined with the highest standards of service in all of its venues, the distinct character of its hotels, the family atmosphere and the dedication to satisfying all the wishes of every visitor, make the Divani Hotel Group a leader in the area of Greek tourism

Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso:

The Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World and offers a wide range of services and facilities in an impressive location. The hotel provides two outdoor swimming pools, one of which is saltwater. In addition, a private sandy beach, water sports, impressive gardens, tennis courts, special jogging routes near the hotel and golf lessons.

The magnificent Divani Athens Spa & Thalasso Centre can be found here. The 3,500 m² Spa and Thalassotherapy Centre is the only organised venue in the Athens region that provides such a specialised and highly attentive thalassotherapy with a variety of therapies and tailor-made programmes based on the individual needs of each client, ensuring the highest quality of service within a unique experience.


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