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AFEA Celebrating a journey of 40 years in the MICE and Corporate Travel industry

In December 2017, AFEA celebrated 40 years of successful operation in the MICE and Corporate Travel industry. AFEA’s 40th anniversary was celebrated with a private event at Barabicu Restaurant attended by all company executives.

During the event, the founders and owners of the company, Spyros Nikolakopoulos and Andreas Lignos, had the opportunity to address  a short speech and speak  about the company’s journey and progress during those 40 years. They pointed out that today AFEA is moving forward with new ideas, professionalism and optimism for the future and addressed special thanks to all team members and especially those with the longest existence in the company. Moreover, they underlined that younger members of the two families, the 2nd generation, are  active in the business and are assigned with new roles, a fact that opens up new horizons for the company in Greece and worldwide.   

“Today we are celebrating 40 years of our successful journey. We are all gathered here today to celebrate this journey, this company and its people and this makes us very happy and proud.” stated the President of AFEA, Mr Spyros Nikolakopoulos.  The CEO of the company, Mr. Andreas Lygnos, stressed out that “AFEA has a very strong team, and this is the most important element of our success. The management team has always placed its people as its top priority.  This is proven by the fact that today we are honoring some of our top executives who have accompanied us in our journey for more than  20 years.Their long-term contribution and all our team member’s dedication to our organization is what we celebrate today” 


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