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What do 1.147 visitors from Netherlands and Belgium have to say about Holidays to Greece

holidays to Greece

Survey organized with 1.147 visitors in recent months on Griekenland.net for the Dutch and Belgian market about holidays to Greece.

To Greece for sun, sea and beaches

We can think about more then 100 reasons to go to Greece for holidays. The poll on Griekenland.net of recent months has shown that Greece is mainly visited by Dutchmen for a sun, sea and beach holiday. Over 27% of the 1,147 votes are happy to travel for sun, sea and beaches to this country in the south of Europe. Greek gastronomy and Greek hospitality also score well for Dutch and Flemish tourists.

We love Greek hospitality

Greek hospitality has been chosen by 14% of the voters as a reason to spent holidays in Greece. Regularly combined with relaxing, eating and drinking. We love the Greek hospitality and Greek cuisine. 12% chooses Greece as a holiday destination just to enjoy and have fun.

Culture and Greece also go well together. 11% of respondents choose to visit at least one cultural attraction during a vacation. The cultural options are enormous in Greece and almost every destination have one or more cultural attractions. Think about archaeological sites, museums, churches and monasteries. Also cultural festivals and local traditions attract tourists from the Netherlands and Belgium during their holidays.

Walking and cycling

During relaxing holidays they also like to discover the destination and go hiking and cycling in natural areas. These options are mostly combined. 4% choose Greece as destination only for hiking and cycling during their stay. To see relatives and friends 1% of the voters explicitly travel to Greece in the summer season period from April to October.

Article in Dutch: https://griekenland.net/nieuws/toerisme/zon-zee-en-strand-naar-griekenland/

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