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Future of Space Tourism’ Summit with US astronaut Story Musgrav

Dr. Story Musgrave. NASAFollowing the success of the November conference, this Summit will focus on the future trends in travel and how the Internet challenges the travel and tourism industry. This time, though, we will hold several other interesting discussions including a ‘Travel Innovation Awards’ contest, and ‘The Future of Space Travel’.

The Future of Space Travel & Travel Innovation Awards, will take place on ‘Trends & Innovation Travel Distribution & Investment Summit’, March 15-17, 2011 at the Sheraton Hotel, Sofia Bulgaria!

Overall, the conference will be highly interactive allowing you to sense, for instance, the magnetic personality of Dr. Story Musgrave, who is the US astronaut with the most missions, the longest service and the specialist who repaired and saved the Hubble Space Telescope.  Story flew on all the US space shuttles, is a professional photographer with a collection of his work and photos from space, he is now inspiring millions of people worldwide.

Story will talk about his experience in space, he will show us incredible photos of our ‘Beautiful Earth’ which he took from space while on his missions, and share what the future space tourist will see and experience.

Story, along with other people who are launching space travel solutions or are involved in space tourism will provide insight of the various space travel offerings coming out into the market in the near future and how one can purchase a trip to space. Story will also participate on an Eco panel and discussion on ‘saving our beautiful planet’.

Kathy Misunas, former CEO of Sabre Group, CEO of Reed Travel Group and CIO of American Airlines, a 30-year travel and technology industry veteran, will be our keynote and participate on our Travel Innovation Awards contest Jury.

Along with the Travel Innovation Awards Contest, there will be an Expo to meet experts from leading travel technology and solutions companies. Over the first two days, selected innovative travel companies will present their unique and potentially revolutionary solution, with the 5 finalists selected and pitching to a Jury of industry experts and investors on the final day in order to win the Travel Innovation Award competition. Could one of these companies be the next booking.com or TripAdvisor..come find out. In addition, investors and investment companies will be participating and will be available to meet and network with.

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On day 2 there will be multiple workshop sessions that are designed and go into detail on subjects such as online marketing and online solutions and the essentials for companies to take an informative decision on how to change and grow in the online world.


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