Home Tourism Η χρονιά που πέρασε ήταν εξαιρετική για τον τουρισμό της Τζαμάικα.

Η χρονιά που πέρασε ήταν εξαιρετική για τον τουρισμό της Τζαμάικα.

jamaicaΗ χρονιά που πέρασε ήταν εξαιρετική για τον τουρισμό της Τζαμάικα, παρά την παγκόσμια οικονομική ύφεση, κάτι που οφείλεται σε μέγάλο μέρος στους ταξιδιωτικούς πράκτορες όπως αναφέρει σε επιστολή του ο Πρόεδρος του Οργανισμού τουρισμού της Τζαμάικα τους οποίους και ευχαριστεί αναφέροντας πως “Η επιτυχία μας οφείλεται σε μεγάλο βαθμό στις προσπάθειές σας και την επιμονή σας, να μοιραστείτε εμπειρία του προορισμού που λέγεται Τζαμάικα με τους πελάτες σας.”

January 5, 2011

Dear Valued Travel Partner,

John Lynch, Director of Tourism & Chairman - Jamaica Tourist BoardThe past year has been an excellent one for Jamaica’s tourism, despite the global economic downturn. Our success was due in large measure to your efforts to share Jamaican experience with your clients, as well as your commitment to sell the destination. As we embark on a new year, let me thank you on behalf of the Jamaica Tourism Board for your wonderful support throughout 2010.

All indications are that our 2010 figures will show an increase in stopover arrivals to Jamaica over the previous year. In a challenging year for the tourist industry worlwide, this remarkable growth was achieved as a result of your sustained efforts to promote Jamaica as a destination offering value for money, combined with the dynamism of our dedicated team.

The prospects for continued growth are most encouraging and 2011 is forecast to be a strong year for Jamaica’s tourism. Given the investment in our tourism product and the marketing partnerships as well as your solid support, we are confident that additional growth is attainable.

Early in 2011, the opening of the Montego Bay Convention Centre – catering to your group/meeting clientele – coupled with significant enhancements to our roads, airports and telecommunications infrastructure, will make Jamaica an even more attractive destination to your clients.

As you know, Jamaica offers a diverse range of activities given its unique cultural appeal, magnificent accommodations, stunning vistas as well as exciting year-round special events and festivals. Our resort areas, which include Montego Bay, Negril, the South Coast, Kingston, Port Antonio and Ocho Rios, each have a distinctive aura and the adventures that await within them will create a truly memorable experience for your clients.

I thank you sincerely for your continued support in recommending Jamaica to your clients so that they know why we say “Jamaica, Once you Go, You Know!” Here’s to your success in 2011.

Warmest wishes,
John Lynch,
Director of Tourism & Chairman
Jamaica Tourist Board


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