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HAPCO and Azavista Enter a Partnership Agreement

azavista logoAzavista will offer HAPCO PCO members access to 
its cutting edge technology solution

The Hellenic Association of Professional Congress Organizers (HAPCO) entered a partnership agreement with Dutch technology company, Azavista. According to this agreement, Azavista will offer HAPCO PCO members complimentary access to live international market data that can facilitate the cost effective planning of their congresses and events.
More specifically, Azavista has developed an integrated online platform for group travel, congress and event planning. A truly innovative feature of the platform is Azavista Analytics.
After two years of rigorous research by the company’s IT department, in collaboration with travel and event planning specialists, Azavista Analytics was developed.  Using advanced technology, the company processes over 2 million hotel prices daily in 43 countries around the world and offers valuable live market data for cost effective group travel and event planning.    
In the context of this agreement, Azavista will offer HAPCO PCO members unlimited and complimentary access to Azavista Analytics for one whole year.
Azavista Analytics promotes evidence-based planning and offers the user a multitude of benefits. More specifically, the planner can:
Determine which cities and which dates are more cost effective for a future event
Analyze and compare the average prices of multiple hotels in a specific city
Determine which hotels can accommodate the needs of the event, in terms of pricing, as well as services
Find the best dates to send the RFP to the hotel; this is based on historic data that detects trends in pricing

“We are very happy that HAPCO has identified the value of Azavista for its members.   Azavista Analytics is a very powerful tool, which can help PCO’s all around the world in budgeting control and cost-effective planning”, said JP van der Kuijl, CEO and co-founder of Azavista.


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